About Us

MIG: Mohamed Ikhwan Group (MIG) is a leading Sudanese group of companies established in the early 80s and operating in the areas of Industry, International Trading & Marketing, Construction, Transport, Banking and other Services. Through the years, MIG continued prospering by diversifying its business activities along with the country’s fast developing economy and with its own philosophy of keeping up its distinguished quality of production, services and human resources.

CAPITAL: The total capital of the group is about $60 million US dollars.

LABOR: The total number of the staff of the whole group is 650.


MIG Trading Co.
MIG Trading Co. Established in 1981, it is the first born company and it has developed into a well-reputed company in international trading in connection with:
  • Export of agricultural products such as Sesame seeds, Hisbiscus Flowers, Groundnuts and Melon seeds.
  • Export of both untreated and treated leather
  • Import of foodstuffs
  • Import of construction materials
  • Import of agricultural inputs

Al-Dinder Oil Mills
Al-Dinder Oil Mills Being one of the largest producing mills in Sudan, it extracts vegetable oils from seeds such as Sesame, cotton seeds, and groundnuts. Using German machines, it produces 100 ton of oils per day. It sells its products locally throughout the nation and overseas to the neighboring countries. Aldinder Oil Mills enjoy a considerable market share due to its high quality production and vast distribution network. It is established in 1983 and located at Khartoum State – Albagair Industrial area (10,000 m3).

MIG Food Industries (Salim Biscuit Factory)
Industrial Foods Shifting from traditional to a more sophisticated industries using Italian machines, Salim Biscuit Factory was founded in 1997. It produces about 25,000 kg. of biscuits per day and sells high quality and variety of biscuits locally and abroad. New lines of production including snacks were added and started processing by end of 2003.

MIG Agricultural Co.
MIG Agricultural Co Established in 1998, the company is trading in import of Agricultural machinery & equipments and fertilizers. It is a sole distributor of Belarus Tractors in Sudan. Being an agricultural country, rich with its land and water and more than 70% of its population working in the agricultural sector, has encouraged us to invest more and introduce new technologies to help in transferring the sector from traditional to a more mechanized and high productive agricultural schemes.

MIG Petroleum Services Co.
MIG Transport & Petroleum Services Established in 1981 as a traditional cargo carrier and moved to a petroleum transport and services company in1998 with the growing petroleum industry in Sudan. It owns a fleet of 70 tankers with a total capacity of 4200 ton. In addition to the transportation of petroleum products and water supplies, its activities include oil fields services, site and camps preparations, water wells drilling, supply of drilling materials and forwarding services.

Al-Badri Transport Co.
Al-Badri Transport Co. Founded in 1998 as a cargo transport company and by 2006 it owns a fleet of 52 trucks (SCANIA model 2005) with a capacity of 90 ton per truck. The fleet includes flat-deck trailers for cargo and 40 feet containers, beside a car-carrier, and 60 tons low-bed trailers. It is located at Abdalla al-tayeb street, Al-Taif area, Khartoum city.

MIG Motors Co.
MIG Motors Co. Ltd Incorporated in 2001 to deal in automotive market and became the sole agent of SKODA vehicles with the actual sales started in April 2002. Since then, the company has been growing fast with breaking through in sales gaining a considerable market share. Thanks to its after sales services with its own maintenance workshop, healthy working capital, payment facilities and efficiency of management and sales staff.

MIG Construction Co.
MIG Construction CO LTD Motivated by the recent fast growing of the construction sector, the company was established in 2002 with the philosophy of providing an environment friendly buildings suitable for the uniqueness of the Sudanese weather. Our aim is to contribute in the development of the country’s infrastructure and housing sector using the most advanced construction technology.

MIG Consultancy Center
MIG consultancy Established in 2002, the center is providing consultancy services to the companies of the group in addition to the local business community and foreign investors. With its highly qualified consultants and computer facilities, it is conducting feasibility studies, projects evaluation, data analysis and performance assessments. Creating evidence-based policies and strategies is the true power of MIG.

MIG Lemouzine Co.
MIG Lemouzine Co As a car rental company, it is established in 2003 with a current fleet of about 100 vehicles containing 4WDs, trucks, buses, pickups, station-wagons, and sedans. It became the sole dealer of EUROPCAR in 2004, which is the one of leading international car rental companies. Europcar, founded in 1949, operates in 143 countries at 2,825 locations with a fleet of over 200,000 vehicles.

MIG ELECTRONICS In a rapid growing economy, life becomes more than just basic needs. In pace with the changing lifestyle and new technologies, MIG believes in playing a key role in expanding the market horizons by providing quality high technology products in the areas of consumer electronics, home appliances, information technology and telecommunications. The company became in 2005 the sole distributor for the entire range of the state-of the arts products of SONY brands in Sudan. Partnership with world’s leading brand like SONY has opened the door for the globalization of the group to a new international markets.

MIG Exchange (www.MigExchange.com)
MIG Exchange MIG Exchange is one of the MIG group’s dedicated foreign exchange and money transfers services to individuals and companies that work in international trade and foreign currencies.

Partnering with the world’s leading money transfer providers and as a dedicated money transfers and foreign exchange specialists, we have the professional expertise, in depth market knowledge, technological infrastructure and commitment to provide you with an unprecedented level of service that sets the standard in the foreign exchange industry. If you'd like to know more about MIG Exchange and how we can help you with any aspect of our foreign exchange or money transfers, please feel free to contact us.

By the end of 2006, MIG Exchange will expand its network with new branches in Sudan to maintain its presence as a major Sudanese player in the realm of foreign exchange and fund transfers.

MIG Technology (www.migtech.net)
MIG Technology MigTech or MIG Technology is a software and Information Technology (IT) outsourcing provider, supplying Information Technology (IT) equipment, and services to a broad range of customers.

MigTech is the only Sudan-based organisations to offer total IT and communication solutions to both Sudan and international markets.

Board of Directors:

Mohammed Ismail

Mohamed Ismail Mohamed
Chairman & Managing Director
 email: mohamed.ismail@miggroup.net


A/Bagi A. Hassan

A/Bagi A. Hassan
Board Member & D. Managing Director
 email: bagi.hassan@miggroup.net

A/Azim Mohamed Kheir

A/Azim Mohamed Kheir
Board Director
 email: azim.mohamed@miggroup.net

Salim Ismail Mohamed

Salim Ismail Mohamed
Board Director
 email: salim.ismail@miggroup.net

Al-Taib Ismail Mohamed

Al-Taib Ismail Mohamed
Board Director
 email: altaib.ismail@miggroup.net

Al-Badri Ismail Mohamed

Al-Badri Ismail Mohamed
Board Director
 email: albadri.ismail@miggroup.net

Message from Chairman:

Due mainly to its booming oil industry and after-war reconstruction projects, Sudan is experiencing a challenging process of peace and development with its rapid growth of the economy (14%) and of being the most attractive country for foreign investment in Africa ($2.3 billion US) in 2005. To cope with these challenges, MIG has grown substantially from a family business towards a more powerful structured corporate group of companies. The power of the group comes from its vision of the future and its evidence-based policies and strategies. We value our customers, providing them the quality high technology products and services, by creating partnerships with world’s leading brands of companies, we raise their standard of living and strengthen our corporation in the era of globalization. We are determined to continuously diversify our activities and expand into new markets. You trust us and we definitely keep gratitude.

Yours truly
Mohamed Ismail Mohamed
Chairman and CEO